Welcome to the Ultrafast Chemical Dynamics group!

In our group we study fundamental chemical processes at ultrafast timescales. In particular we are interested in how small structural changes, such as isomerism, influence chemical functionality. To do this we develop novel experimental methods based on ultrafast lasers, strong- field control of molecules and charged-particle velocity-map imaging. For current projects have a look at the Research page.

Our group is committed to open science practices, including not only publications but also software and hardware. Have a look at Open Science to learn more.

Our group is part of the Spectroscopy of Cold Molecules department (headed by Prof. Bas van de Meerakker), and we are located in the Institute for Molecules and Materials at Radboud University in Nijmegen, the Netherlands

Click on an image to read more about our research:

Isomer Effects in ultrafast photochemistry
Dynamics of electron-driven processes
Imaging chriality using photoelectron circular dichroism (PECD)
Novel methods for ultrafast photochemistry