Feb 22

Saskia joins for MSc internship

Saskia joins the group for her MSc internship, working on our photoelectron-photoion coincidence spectrometer. Welcome!


Feb 22

Jantijn joins for BSc internship

Jantijn joins the group for his BSc internship, working on imaging photoelectron circular dichroism. Welcome!


Dec 21

Beamtime at Artemis

Grite is off to the UK for beamtime at the HHG Artmis facility (CLF, STFC) at Rutherford Appleton Lab – good luck!


Nov 21

New laser installed!

A brand new toy in the lab: our high rep-rate, high power femtosecond laser system is installed and ready to go!


Oct 21

New paper in JPCA

Ana’s new paper combining coincidence imaging with femtosecond REMPI spectroscopy in oxygen is now online in JPCA –


Sep 21

Olga joins the group as PhD student

Welcome to Olga who joins the group on a joint PhD-project with Joost Bakker at FELIX!


Sep 21

Ana joins the group as PhD student

Ana has completed her MSc thesis – and officially joins the group as a PhD student. Welcome back Ana!


Jul 21

Presentation at ISMB

Grite presented a poster at the (virtual) International Symposium on Molecular Beams – check it out here: