Jul 23

Poster at FEMTO15

Grite is off to the FEMTO15 conference in Berlin, presenting our work on using UV-XUV pump-probe spectroscopy to follow roaming dynamics in acetaldehyde. You can also find the poster in our gallery.


Jul 23

New paper in Molecules

Our latest paper on High-Throughput UV Photofragmentation is out now in Molecules – well done Siwen and Yerbolat!


Jun 23

New paper in JASMS

Our latest paper on vaporization of intact neutral biomolecules using laser-based thermal desorption is out now in J. Am. Soc. Mass. Spec. – Well done Yerbolat and Siwen!


Apr 23

Roger joins for BSc internship

Roger joins the group for his BSc internship – welcome!


Apr 23

New paper in PCCP

Our paper on UV photofragmentation of thymine and guanine – combining continuous laser-based thermal desorption with high repetition rate fiber lasers – is out now in PCCP. Well done Siwen and Yerbolat!


Jan 23

New paper in JPCA

Our latest paper using coincidence double-VMI imaging to distinguish neutral and ionic multiphoton dissociation channels in molecular oxygen is out now in JPCA – well done Ana!


Sep 22

Yerbolat joins as PostDoc

Yerbolat joins the group as a PostDoc to work on your NWO-funded project on electron-driven reactions – Welcome Yerbolat!


Aug 22

New paper in EPJD

Our latest paper comparing continuous and pulsed laser-based desorption (LIAD) methods is out now in Eur.Phys.J. D – well done Siwen!


Jun 22

New paper in JPCA

Our latest paper showing how the electrostatic deflector can be used as a tool for isomer-resolved spectroscopy is out now in JPCA – well done Grite!


Jun 22

Beamtime at LCLS

Grite is off to California for measurements using LCLS at SLAC, California. Good Luck!